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Dental care costs can really add up. That's why we're offering the Peak $avings Plan. With the Peak $avings Plan, accepted at all of our locations, you will enjoy 25% discounts on dental procedures ranging from routine teeth cleanings all the way to major work such as crowns and root canals. Sign up and start saving today!


Plan Features


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  • Members will save between 15% to 80% on generic drugs and 15% to 25% on brand name drugs at over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide including Safeway, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid.
  • Members have access to an interactive website that allows users to locate the nearest participating pharmacy and accurately check the current cost of drugs, thereby ensuring members always receive the lowest prices and greatest value.

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Careington receives utilization revenues when member purchases discounted prescriptions from Elixir Savings.

ENVC - 12/23/20

Plan Pricing

How To Use

1) Sign up for our money-saving plan.

2) Search for a participating provider.

3) Schedule your appointment.

4) Show your membership card.

5) Save money at the time of service.

This plan cannot be combined with insurance, seasonal promotions, or any other in office discounts.
Discounts on Oral surgery and orthodontic procedures are not included.

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